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"As an ex-athlete who lives a very active lifestyle, I kept continually having pain in my back and both knees.  After a few visits with Judy, my pain is now gone, and I feel 100% healthier.  I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me!" 


With several injuries earlier in life and working the last 25 years in the construction trades, I had been living a life filled with hurt and discomfort. After a thorough assessment, Ms. Noteboom started corrective foundation work on me that allowed my body to start functioning properly. Now with simple stretches, I can maintain pain free flexibility. I have never felt better in my life."


"I have lymphedema and cellulitis, and four different doctors wanted to operate on my legs and arms. After I was hospitalized, I met Judy and right away she knew what to do. She started correcting the problems with no surgeries. Up until then, no one had been able to tell me what was wrong with me or how to treat my condition. For the last three years, Judy has taught me and my family how to treat and control the problems. She has reduced my leg size, and I now can use over-the-counter garments (a total of five different sizes) rather than special-order leg garments.

Judy has given me back the ability to walk and move normally, and I have the self-confidence to go out in public with my family again. I owe Judy a lot, and she has been a joy in my life." 

                                                                                 – John


"Four years ago I entered a hospital for chronic cellulitis and severe lymphedema. It was one of many admissions to hospitals and rehabs. At that time I met Judy, who took the time and made the commitment to treat me, educate and support me to understand my condition, and to find a plan to keep me out of the hospital for four years now."

                                                                                 – Barbara

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